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The Department of Cognitive Sciences offers the following undergraduate degrees:

  • B.A. in Psychology (this major will sunset by the end of the 2023-24AY.)
  • B.S. in Psychology (effective Fall 2019)
  • B.S. in Cognitive Sciences (effective Fall 2013)



For the most current course offerings, check WEBSOC directly.
To learn more about the classes (including prerequisites and course descriptions), click here.

A couple of reminders:

  • Courses are restricted to MAJORS only until all enrollment windows are open. For specific dates, check the School of Social Sciences comments at the top of the Schedule of Classes (WEBSOC).
  • If a course has a B or X restriction listed, you may obtain an authorization code by contacting the instructor. If a course does not have a B or X restriction listed, NO authorization codes are being used. Please do not request one from the instructor.
  • All academic advising questions - including increasing your max units or changing majors - are handled by the School of Social Sciences' Undergraduate Student Affairs Office and not by the department. The Student Affairs Office can be reached at: socsci@uci.edu or (949) 824-6803.



Course Number
(PSYCH except where noted)
Course Title
COGS 108 Neural Analytics (Srinivasan)
7A (ONLINE) Intro to Psychology (Hagedorn, Lofgren)
9A (ONLINE) Psych Fundamentals (Peters)
9B Psych Fundamentals (Sarnecka, taught by PSCI)
9C Psych Fundamentals (taught by PSCI)
10A Prob & Stat Psych I (Rouder)
10C (ONLINE) Prob & Stat Psych III (Hagedorn)
89 Neuro of Cognition (Brewer)
112A/LA Experimental Psych/Experimental Psych Lab (Lofgren)
119 Intro to FMRI Research/FMRI Resesarch Lab (Grossman)
120A (ONLINE) Abnormal Psychology (Lewis)
120D Developmental Psych  (Chernyak)
120P (ONLINE) Personality Theory (Lewis)
Psych Sleep & Consc (Mednick)
122I Organiz/Indust Psyc (Lewis)
129 Evolutionary Psych (Berg)
139 Psych and Behvrl Econ (Narens)
143P Human Prblm Solving (Pizlo)



Course Number
(PSYCH except where noted)
Course Title
COGS 106 Comput Lab Skills (Vandekerckhove)
7A (ONLINE) Intro to Psych (Hagedorn, Lofgren)
9A (ONLINE) Psych Fundamentals (Hagedorn)
9B Psych Fundamentals (Wright)
9C Psych Fundamentals (taught by PSCI)
10B Prob & Stat Psych II (Vandekerckhove)
14M (formerly 114M) Matlab (Steyvers)
21A Adolescence (Lofgren)
46A (ONLINE) Intro Memory (Lofgren)
H101B Honors Seminar II (Richards) - Open to Honors in Psych/Cog Sci Students ONLY
112R/LR Cog Robotics (Krichmar)
112P/LP Perception Research/Lab (Richards
122C Clinical Psych (Lewis)
124V (ONLINE - awaiting approval) Psych of Violence (Lewis)
129 Advance I/O Psych (Lewis)
131B Hearing (Berg)
140J Judg & Dec Making (Lee)
150 Psych of Language (taught by LSCI)
161 Language and Brain (Hickok)
169 Neuro Percpetion (Brewer)



Course Number
(PSYCH except where noted)
Course Title
COGS 107 Cognitive Modeling (Lee)
COGS 109 Cog Sci Res Seminar (Dosher)
7A (ONLINE) Intro to Psych (Hagedorn, Lofgren)
9A Psych Fundamentals (Berg)
9B Psych Fundamentals (taught by PSCI)
9C Psych Fundamentals (Lewis, PSCI)
10C (ONLINE) Prob & Stat Psych III (Hagedorn)
H101C Honors Seminar III (Dosher) - Open to Honors in Psych/Cog Sci Students ONLY
112M/LM Psych Res Methods/Lab (Lofgren)
Abnormal Psychology (Lewis)
120H History of Psych (Wright)
Personality Theory (Lewis)
129 Sleep & Memory (Mednick)
140L Principl Learng Thry (Liljeholm)
140M Human Memory (Bornstein)
149 AI in Culture and Media (Krichmar)
149 Collective Behavior (Narens)
160D Brain Disorders (Brewer)
169 Consciousness & Brain (Saberi)



Academic advising is handled by the School of Social Sciences' Undergraduate Student Affairs Office and not within the department.
The mission of the Undergraduate Student Affairs is to provide quality, student-centered educational support and to offer services that meet the administrative, academic goals of students, the School and the University.

The Student Affairs office can assist you with academic advising, course planning, change of major request, financial aid appeals, course substitutions, and information concerning honors, graduate and professional school, and career and internships.
Appointments with academic counselors are scheduled for majors in the School of Social Sciences. All others are able to speak with a Peer Advisor at any time.

For assistance, please contact: socsci@uci.edu or (949) 824-6803.

Please check the following link for further information: Undergraduate Student Affairs Office Website.



The Honors Program is designed for students in the Psychology (Cognitive Sciences) major who are interested in pursuing graduate study in psychology or seeking challenging research experiences as a capstone to their undergraduate experience.
The program includes rigorous courses in Experimental Psychology, seminar classes, over one year of research experience, and culminates in an honors thesis.

For information about the honors program and to download the application, please visit:  Honors Program in Psychology.

If you have questions about the Honors Program, please send an e-mail addressed to Professor Barbara Dosher (Honors Director) at: cogsci@uci.edu.



Students meeting the following criteria are eligible to become part of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology.

  • Junior or Senior status
  • Completed at least two quarters at UCI
  • Completed at least four upper division psychology courses (at UCI)
  • Psychology GPA in the upper 10% of the major
  • Overall GPA of at least 3.3

The UCI chapter of Psi Chi invites new members twice a year. Invitations are sent by e-mail no later than November 15 and April 15.

Invitations are sent to undergraduate majors in Psychology or Psychology and Social Behavior who meet the above criteria.
Invitees will be asked to provide a letter of recommendation from a psychology professor, and evidence of a genuine interest in psychology (e.g., volunteering in a lab or clinic).

If you have questions about Psi Chi, please send an e-mail to Dr. Christine Lofgren at: christine.lofgren@uci.edu.

 Psi Chi Website



The Robert J. Glushko Prize recognizes undergraduate excellence in Cognitive Science. A letter of recognition and a $500 cash prize will be awarded each year to undergraduate Cognitive Sciences or Psychology (B.S.) majors who are engaged with the Cognitive Science community at UCI and have achieved excellence through:

  • Outstanding achievement in coursework across the Psychology or Cognitive Sciences curriculum; and
  • Sustained engagement with and contribution to faculty-directed research culminating in a paper and/or an oral research presentation.

The research paper may be an honors' thesis, working paper, grant submission, including SURP/UROP proposals, or conference or journal submission. A paper produced as part of a collaboration, including with faculty advisors and graduate students, is eligible.

The qualifying oral presentations may be given in a research group, lab or conference setting. The student must give the presentation for it to be eligible.  A pdf of the presentation should be submitted.  

Eligibility: UCI students majoring in B.S. Cognitive Sciences or B.S. Psychology.

The Department is pleased to announce the two winners of the (inaugural) Robert J. Glushko price for the 2021-22 academic year:

  • Vivian Nguyen, a B.S. Psychology major, for UROP-funded research on the way in which generic statements communicate information. Vivian is mentored by Professor Barbara Sarnecka and graduate student Jeff Coon.
  • Ren-Hui Michelle Tham, a B.S. Cognitive Sciences major, for UROP-funded research on instrumental divergence in goal-directed choice. Michelle is mentored by Professor Mimi Liljeholm. 



The purpose of the CSA is to empower students in the Cognitive Science major and related majors by creating a tight-knit community through interactions with guest speakers, professional development, and just having fun together. Most importantly, the CSA wants to help the cognitive sciences community have more opportunities to learn and volunteer, as well as have peer academic support

 Cognitive Science Association Website



The core purpose of the Psychology Student Association (PSA) is to help students, primarily those in the Psychology majors, to advance their academic achievements by providing different resources that connect to their fields of interests, as well as widen their social circle.

 Psychology Student Association Website



The Students for Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program at the University of California in Irvine (UCI) provides training and development to students who are dedicated to pursuing a career within the field of I-O Psychology. Their mission is to equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary for post-baccalaureate success; empower members with research opportunities, faculty and professional contacts, and internship opportunities; and encourage members through individualized program planning, mentorship, and support networks.

 SIOP Website



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