The Department of Cognitive Sciences offers the following Ph.D. degrees:

  • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience

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Below is a tentative list of course offerings for the academic year. Please note that courses are subject to change.


Fall 2016 Course Offerings

201A Colloquium (Srinivasan)
202A Proseminar (Dosher)
205A Matlab (Grossman)
214 Bayesian Cognitive Modeling (Lee)
228A Cognitive Development Research (Sarnecka)
229 Writing Workshop I (Sarnecka)
237 Advanced Bayesian Cognitive Modeling (Lee)
239 Social Dynamics (Narens/Saari/Skyrms)
239 Conceptual Foundations of Probability (Narens)
263A Visual Neuroscience Research (Grossman)
268A Computational Neuroscience (Krichmar)
269 (NEW) Brain-Inspired Machine Learning (Neftci)
269 Consciousness in Systems (Saberi)
269 Neuroscience Lang Trends (Hickok)


Winter 2017 Course Offerings

201B Colloquium (Srinivasan)
203A Discrete Mathematics and Probability (Batchelder)
203D Applied Math for Cog Sci Research (D'Zmura)
205B Running Experiments Using Matlab (Chubb)
210A Intro to Brain & Cognition I: Perception (Brewer/Sperling)
218 Hearing (Berg)
228B Cognitive Development Research (Sarnecka)
229 Writing Workshop II (Sarnecka)
239 Machine Learning & Neuroscience (Srinivasan)
239 Social Dynamics (Narens/Saari/Skyrms)
245A Computational Models of Language Learning (Pearl/Steyvers)
263B Visual Neuroscience Research (Grossman)
269 Learning & Decision Neuroscience (Liljeholm)


Spring 2017 Course Offerings

201C Colloquium (Srinivasan)
203C Algorithmic Statistics (Vandekerckhove)
210B Intro to Brain & Cognition II: Cognition (Krichmar/Steyvers)
217 Vision (Sperling)
228C Cognitive Development Research (Sarnecka)
229 Writing Workshop III (Sarnecka)
262 Functional Neuroanatomy (Brewer)
263C Visual Neuroscience Research (Grossman)
265 Intro to fMRI (Liljeholm)
269 (NEW) Neuromorphic Engineering (Neftci)
NEW Atypical Acquisition (Pearl)

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