While not likely offering local news to interest most travelers to OC, these periodicals do however provide a wealth of information on current events and activities in the area, as well as guides to night-life and dining. Some have sections dedicated to tourism in OC.

OC Register - OC's principal daily newspaper. Check out the sections on Entertainment and Discover OC.

OC Weekly - OC's "alternative" newsweekly. Check out the sections on Culture and Food which has reviews of many OC eateries..

Squeeze OC - weekly magazine and website dedicated to things to do in OC. Check out the sections on Going Out and Living It Up which offer some of the hippest night-life.

OC Excelsior - Spanish-speaking weekly partner to the OC Register. Check out the sections on Entretenimiento and OC-Guia for some culture.

LA Times - Los Angeles principal daily newspaper. If interested in catching an event in LA or just interested in visiting some LA culture check out the section called CalendarLive.