Twenty-Fifth Annual Interdisciplinary Conference
Teton Village, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
January 23 - 28, 2000
Organizer: George Sperling, University of California, Irvine


Sunday, January 23: 5:00 - 6:00 pm *** Reception *** Registration, Snacks, and Refreshments. Rimrock Room.

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AIC-25 SCHEDULE                                              14jan00

                      6:00-8:00p   FIRST NIGHT MISCELLANY (Sun)  

Zygmunt Pizlo
  Purdue U.
  Shape Perception - 70 Years of Research

Tim McNamara
  Vanderbilt University, Nashville
  Egocentric and allocentric representations of space   

Jo-Anne Bachorowski
  Vanderbilt U.
  Laugh Acoustics:  Sex Differences, Social Context, and Perceptual Evaluations

Misha Pavel
  Oregon Graduate Institute
  Optimality of Probability Matching and of Superstition

IMAGING (Mon, Jan 24)

Benjamin Backus
  Stanford U.
  Cortical Processing of Binocular Disparity

David Heeger
  Stanford U.
  The Neuronal Basis of Binocular Rivalry

Randy Blake
  Vanderbilt U.
  Perception and Neuroimaging of Biological Motion

Tatiana Pasternak
  U. Rochester
  Microstimulation of Area MT:  An Effect on a Memory for Motion Task

Wei Yang
  U. Penna
  Plasticity and the Neural Substrate of Human Iconic Memory

Geoffrey Boynton
  The Salk Institute
  Spatial vs. Task-Specific Attention in Human Occipital and Parietal Cortex

VISION (Tue, Jan 25)

Stan Klein
  UC Berkeley
  Modeling the Modelfest Data

G. Bruce Henning
  U. Oxford
  Mach-band Stimuli as Maskers for Increment and Decrement Detection

Wilson Geisler
  U. Texas
  Edge Co-occurrence Predicts Human Contour Detection Performance

Steve Shevell (Mon-Thu)
  U. Chicago
  Color perception: Peripheral contrast coding and central gain control

Zhong-Lin Lu
  Third-Order Motion and Motion Standstill

Fran Wilkinson
  McGill University
  Migraine Aura: A Window on the Visual Cortex


Chris Tyler
  Specialized Processing for Symmetry in the Human Brain:  Psychophysical and fMRI Evidence

Bosco Tjan
  Symmetry impedes symmetry discrimination: arguing against a special-purpose symmetry perception mechanism

Hugh Wilson  (Tue-Fri)  
  U. Chicago
  Global processes in higher level form vision

William Merigan
  U. Rochester 
  Extrastriate Visual Pathways: Comparing Monkeys and Human Lesions

Edgar DeYoe
  Medical College of Wisconsin
  What Does the "Spot-light" of Visual Attention Look Like?

George Sperling
  UC Irvine
  The Mechanisms of Visual Attention

Brief Business Meeting


Erin Harley
  U. Washington
  A Universal Contrast Effect in Information-acquisiton Tasks
Geoffrey Loftus
  U. Washington
  Interactions of Different Spatial Frequencies in Digit Perception

Ione Fine
  UC San Diego
  Mid to high level perceptual learning for pattern discrimination

Barbara Dosher
  UC Irvine
  Adding Noise to Stimuli to Study Attention and Perceptual Learning

Amy Criss
  Indiana U.
  Testing Context-noise vs. Global-familiarity Models of Memory

Mark Steyvers (with Rich Shiffrin)
 Indiana University
 Creating Semantic Spaces to Predict Memory Performance

Michael Kalish
  U. Western Australia
  Attention Learning and Knowledge Restructuring

PRIMING  (Fri, Jan 28)

Gail McKoon  (tentative)
  Northwestern U.

Rene Zeelenberg
  U. Amsterdam
  Repetition Priming in Implicit Memory Tasks:  Prior Study Causes Enhanced
   Processing, Not Just Bias

Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
  Indiana U.
  Bias Versus Enhanced Discriminability in Perceptual Forced Choice

Roger Ratcliff
  Northwestern U.

Michael Masson
University of Vancouver
Fluent Encoding of Probes Guides Masked Word Identification

Rich Shiffrin
  Indiana U.
  REMI:  A Bayesian Model for Long-term Repetition Priming

David E. Huber
  U. Colorado
  Removing irrelevant information in short-term priming   

Diane Pecher
  UC Riverside
  Priming for New Associations


8:30p   Fireside Banquet


ATTENDEES, non-speakers      

Harry Bahrick, Ohio Wesleyan University

Tom Busey, Indiana University

Isidor Gerner, City College of NY

Gunter Loffler, Visual Sciences Center, University of Chicago    

Bennet Murdock, University of Toronto

Pete Murray, Indiana University

Lynn Reder, Carnegie Mellon University


Possible speakers

Ted Wright
  UC Irvine
  Visual Feedback and the Online Correction of Rapid Movements


Submit proposals for presentations for aic26, 2001, to:

Annual Interdisciplinary Conference
c/o Prof. George Sperling, SSPA-3
Department of Cognitive Sciences
University of California
Irvine, CA 92697-5100