Twenty-First Annual Interdisciplinary Conference
Teton Village, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
January 28 -- February 2, 1996
Organizer: George Sperling, University of California, Irvine


Sunday, January 28: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. *** Reception *** Registration, Snacks, and Refreshments.

Monday, January 29: 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Auditory Biology and Psychophysics; Visual Physiology.

Karen Glendenning, Psychology, Florida State U. Hearing: A Comparative Perspective.
Bruce Masterton, Psychology, Florida State U. Role of the Central Auditory System in Hearing.
Sam Williamson, Physics, New York University. The Decay of Sensory Memory.
Randy Blake, Psychology, Vanderbilt U. Tachistoscopic Review of Mark Berkley's Research.
Adina Roskies, Neurology, Washington U. Med. Topographic Targeting of Retinal Axons in Development.
Larry O'Keefe, Center for Neural Science, NYU. Motion Processing in Primate Visual Cortex.

Tuesday, January 30: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Motion Perception: Physiology, Psychophysics.

Zhong-Lin Lu and George Sperling, Cognitive Sciences, UC Irvine. Gain-Control in Motion Processing.
Scott Richman, Cognitive Sciences, UC Irvine. A Specialized Receptor for Moving Flicker?
Sophie Wuerger, Communic & Neurosci, Keele U. Colour in Moving and Stationary Orientation Discrimination.
Erik Blaser, Cognitive Sciences, UC Irvine. When is Motion Motion?
Geoff Hone, Defence Research Agency - Centre for Human Sci. Towards a New Gestalt: Integrating the Senses.
Manfred Schroeder, Physics, U. Goettingen. Number Theory in Science, Information, and Music.

Wednesday, January 31: 4:00 - 8:00 Visual Learning; Learning; Information Processing.

Lorraine Allan, Psychology, McMaster U. New Slants on the McCollough Effect.
Shepard Siegel, Psychology, McMaster U. What Contingent Color Aftereffects Tell Us About Drug Addiction.
Hal Pashler, Psychology, UC San Diego. Dual-Task Bottlenecks: Structural or Strategic?
Bill Prinzmetal, Psychology, UC Berkeley. The Phenomenology of Attention.
George Sperling and Zhong-Lin Lu, Cognitive Sciences, UC Irvine. Salience Model of Spatial Attention.

Thursday, February 1: 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Memory.

Tim McNamara, Psychology, Vanderbilt U. Viewpoint Dependence in Human Spatial Memory.
Roger Ratcliff, Psychology, Northwestern U. Intertrial Variability in Random Walk Models of Reaction Time.
Richard Shiffrin, Psychology, Indiana U. A Model for Implicit and Explicit Memory.
Barbara Dosher & Dawn McBride, Cognitive Sciences, UC Irvine. Forgetting in Implicit and Explicit Memory Tasks.
David Caulton, Natl Inst Health. Memory Retrieval Dynamics: Behavior and Electrophysiology.
** Business Meeting **

Friday, February 2: 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Computational Issues.

Andy Liu & Sandy Pentland, Nissan Cambridge Basic Research. The Perception of Driving Intentions.
Leonid Kontsevich, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. The Role of Partial Similarity in 3D Vision.
Misha Pavel, EE, Oregon Graduate Institute. The Role of Features in the Perception of Symmetry.
Manfred Schroeder, Physics, U. Goettingen. Brief Demonstration: A Randomly Generated Melody.
Maria Kozhevnikov, Physics, Technion, Israel. A Mathematical Model of Conceptual Development.
Shulamith Eckstein, Physics, Technion, Israel. A Dynamic Model of Cognitive Growth in a Population.

* * * 8:00 Fireside Banquet at The Inn * * *

Other Registered Participants

John Antrobus, Psychology, CCNY.
Izidor Gertner, Computer Science, CUNY.
Holly Jimison, Oregon Health Sciences U.
Richard Magaldi, British Airways, London.
Richard Koppenaal, Dean, Gallatin School, NYU.
Dawn McBride, Cognitive Sciences, UC Irvine.
Bennet Murdock, Psychology, U. Toronto.
Lynne Reder, Psychology, CMU.
Marilyn Smith, Psychology, U. Toronto.
George Wolberg, Computer Science, CCNY.