Teton Village, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
January 10 - January 14, 1977
Organizer: George Sperling


Monday, January 10: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Organization of the Visual System (Peter Schiller, Chairman)

Anita Hendrickson, U. Washington. Neuroanatomical Pathways in Monkey Visual System.
John Kaas, Vanderbilt U. The Organization of the Primate Visual System.
Mike Stryker, Harvard U. Architecture of Primary Visual Cortex in Macaque Monkey.
Peter Schiller, MIT. The Monkey's Superior Colliculus and its Sensory Output.
Charles Gross, Princeton U. Inferior Temporal Cortex, Interhemispheric Transfer, and Stimulus Equivalence.

Tuesday, January 11: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Visual Development (Tony Movshon, Chairman)

Tony Movshon, NYU. Current Issues in Visual Development.
Ralph Freeman, UC Berkeley. Nonneural Factors in Kitten Visual Development.
Max Cynader, Dalhousie U. The Etiology of Strabismus in the Cat.
Pasko Rakic, Harvard U. Prenatal Development of the Visual System in the Rhesus Monkey.
Mike Stryker, Harvard U. The Effects of Abnormal Early Experience on the Development of the Visual System.
Peter Spear, U. Wisconsin. Role of the Nondeprived Eye in Establishment and Maintenance of Effects of Monocular Deprivation.

Wednesday, January 12: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Visual Information Processing (George Sperling, Chairman)

Bill Tyler, Smith-Kettlewell. Evidence for Simple and Complex Receptive Fields from the Human Visual Evoked Potential.
Dave Sakrison, UC Berkeley. Determination of the Spatial Pooling Exponent (nonlinearity) in a Spatial Frequency Channel.
Shimon Ullman, MIT. Structure from Motion.
Rich Shiffrin, U. Indiana. The Development of Automatic Visual Detection.
George Sperling, NYU-Bell Labs. Measuring the Reaction Time of an Unobservable Response: A Shift of Visual Attention.

** Brief Business Meeting **

Thursday, January 13: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Eye Movements as Indicants of Cognitive Processes (Geoff Loftus, Chairman)

Geoff Loftus, U. Washington. Introduction.
Richard Parker, Williams College. Picture Recognition Processes as Revealed by Eye Fixations and Brief Exposures of Test Pictures.
Alinda Friedman, U. Colorado. Effects of Eye Movements in Cognitive Processes.
Dennis Fisher, U.S. Army Eng. Lab., Aberdeen, Md. Scan Pathways During Reading and Picture Recognition.
Roger Cooper, Stanford Res. Inst. The Control of Eye Fixation by the Meaning of Spoken Language: A Tool for the Real Time
Exploration of Human Mental Processes.
Keith Rayner, U. Rochester. Eye Movements and Visual Integration in Reading.
Dick Olsen, U. Colorado. Eye Movements and Bi-Stable Figures.
Eileen Kowler, U. Maryland. Scanning in the Microcosm or the Role of Small Saccades in Counting.

Friday, January 14: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Memory (Ben Murdock, Chairman)

Ray Nickerson, Bolt, Beranek & Newman. Long-Term Visual Memory.
Wayne Wickelgren, U. Oregon. Strength-Fragility Theory of Consolidation and Forgetting.
Roger Ratcliff, U. Toronto. Retrieval Processes in Recognition Memory.
Ben Murdock, U. Toronto. Memory for Item, Associative, and Serial Information.
Darryl Bruce, Florida State U. Knowing What is Known.


Jackson Beatty, UCLA
Diane Cuneo, UCSD
Jerry Daniels, Brown U.
Jill Gardner, Dalhousie U.
Barbara Gillam, NY College of Optomety
Eric Holman, UCLA
Gail McKoon, U. Toronto
Jan Keenan, U. Denver
John Krauskopf, Bell Labs
Jim Zacks, Mich. State U.