Seventeenth Annual Interdisciplinary Conference
Teton Village, Jackson, Wyoming
January 12 - 17, 1992

Organizer: George Sperling, New York University


Sunday, January 12: 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. *** Reception and Cognitive Models ***
Registration, Snacks, and Refreshments. In the Rimrock Room (to 6:00p)
Barry Vercoe, MIT,. A Real-Time Model of Rhythm Perception and Cognition.
Sandy Pentland, MIT. Looking at People: Visual Recognition of People, Expressions, and Gestures.
George Sperling, NYU. Is Attentional Selection by Feature or Location?

Monday, January 13, 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Vision
Stanley Klein, UC Berkeley. Model-Free Modeling of Visual Discrimination.
David Heeger, Nasa-Ames. Model of MT Cell Responses.
Randolf Blake, Vanderbilt U. Just What is a Motion Aftereffect?
Robert Patterson, Washington State U. Stereoscopic Motion Perception: A Short- or Long-Range System?
Jeff Mulligan, Nasa-Ames. Perceptual Rigidity of Rotating Figures.
Daphna Weinshall, I.B.M. T.J. Watson Res Ctr. Invariants for recognition and linear structure from motion.

Tuesday, January 14, 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Pattern Recognition and Attention.
Ken Paap, New Mexico State U. Attentional and Strategic Effects in Word Naming.
Richard Shiffrin, Indiana U. On the Unitization of Novel Visual Characters.
Geoff Loftus, U. Washington, Linear Models of Visual Information Acquistion.
Anne-Marie Bonnel, CNRS, Modulation of Sensitivity by Attention.
Misha Pavel, NYU. Psychophysics of Rapid Visual Search.

Wednesday, January 15, 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Ervin Hafter: Attention and Audition.
Samual Williamson, NYU. Lifetimes of Activation Traces in Human Auditory Cortex.
Dennis McFadden, U. Texas. (1) Comodulation Masking. (2) Oto-acoustic Emissions.
Bruce Berg, UC Irvine. Estimation of Multichannel Weights in an Auditory Task.
Ervin Hafter, UC Berkeley. Attending to Specific Auditory Filters.
Richard Ivry, UC Berkeley. Attentional Account of Laterality Effects in Audition, Vision, and Speech Perception.

* * * Business Meeting * * *

Thursday, January 16, 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Mark Gluck: Neural Networks.
Larry Maloney, NYU. Biological Vision and Neural Network Models.
Richard Granger, UC Irvine. Neural Networks & Cortical Processing.
Stephen Hanson & Catherine Hanson, Siemens Research & Temple U. Neural Networks and Event Perception.
Mark Gluck, Rutgers. Neural Networks and Human Learning.
Lee Giles, NEC Corp. Neural Networks and Temporal Sequence Prediction.
Robert French, Indiana U. Neural Networks: Using Semidistributed Representations to Overcome Catastrophic Forgetting.

Friday, January 17, 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Cognition.
Donald Mintz, CUNY. Asymmetry Between the Detection of Additions and Subtractions of Number of Elements in a Visual Display.
Eric Heinemann, CUNY, Brooklyn. Context Effects in Pattern Recognition.
Timothy McNamara, Vanderbilt U. Spatial Memory in Humans.
Richard Block, Montana State U. Prospective and Retrospective Duration Judgements.
Bruce Britton, U. Georgia. The Grammar of Exposition, the Illusions of Experts, and Pathologies of Expository Texts.
Max Henrion and Holly Jimison, Stanford U. Qualitative Reasoning in Computer Assisted Decision Making.

Other Registered Participants
John Antrobus, CUNY.
Gary Blasdel, Harvard Med.
Sheila Chase, Hunter College.
Diana Deacon, CUNY.
Jim Enns, UBC.
Susan Hruska, Florida State U.
Masako Jitsumori, Chiba University.
Scott Kirkpatrick, I.B.M. T.J. Watson Res Ctr.
Richard Koppenaal, NYU.
Weslie Lynch, Montana State U.
David Martin, New Mexico State U.
Gail McKoon, Northwestern U.
Bennet Murdock, U. Toronto.
Thomas Nelson, U. Washington.
Ron Noel, U. Texas, El Paso.
Dick Olson, U. Colorado.
Bennet Murdock, U. Toronto.
George Wolford, Dartmouth U.
Fred Whitford, Montana State U.
Anthony Wright, U.Texas.