Whistler, British Columbia
February 9 - February 14, 1986
Organizer: George Sperling, New York University


Sunday, February 9: 6:30 pm *** Reception *** 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm ***Lectures***

Dick Loomer, Orthopedic Surgeon, Canadian National Ski Team
Tannis Williams, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia

Monday, February 10: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Computational and Feature-Analytic Vision Theories (Slava Prazdney, Chair)

Howard Baker, SRI International. Epipolar Plane Image Analysis.
Slava Prazdney, Artificial Intelligence Lab., FMC. What are Kinetic Depth and Stereopsis Good For?
Barbara Dosher, Columbia U., and George Sperling, NYU. Additivity of Luminance and Stereopsis Cues in KDE.
Kent Stevens, U. Oregon. Grouping Tokens and Attribute Selection.
Jacob Beck, U. Oregon. Spatial Filtering, Features, and Grouping in Texture Segregation.
William Prinzmetal, Princeton U. Feature Integration.

Tuesday, February 11: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Attention (George Sperling, Chair)

Louis Narens, UC Irvine. Measurement Theory: How Many Scales Are There? And Why.
Howard C. Hughes, Dartmouth College. Spatial Spread of Directed Visual Attention.
Earl Hunt, U. Washington. Moving Attention.
George Sperling, NYU. Gating Model of Visual Attention.

** Brief Business Meeting **

Wednesday, February 12: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Vision(John Krauskopf, Chair)

Gary Blasdel, U. Calgary. Recording Activity in Monkey Cortex with Voltage Sensitive Dyes.
Peter Lennie, U. Rochester. Early Cortical Mechanisms in Color Vision.
David Williams, U. Rochester. Seeing Through the Photoreceptor Mosaic.
Donald MacLeod, UCSD. Visual Nonlinearity and Light Adaptation.
Mark Berkley, Florida State U. Visual Acuity.
Qasim Zaidi, Columbia U. Color Contrast.

Thursday, February 13: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Perception and Information Processing (George Sperling, Chair)

George Wolford, Dartmouth College. Improvement in Backward Masking.
Sam Glucksburg, Princeton U. Contextual Constraints on Word Recognition.
Ken Paap, New Mexico State U. Context Effects in Letter and Word Recognition.
Murray Singer, U. Manitoba. Chronometric Studies of Question Answering.
Barbara Dosher, Columbia U. Memory Retrieval.

Friday, February 14: 4:00 - 8:00 pm Cognitive Processes (George Sperling, Chair)

Geoff Loftus, U. Washington. Aging Effects on Visual Information Acquisition.
William Hirst,Princeton U. Recognition and Recall with Amnesia.
Laird Cermak, Boston Medical Center. Priming in Amnesia.
Mary Jo Nissen, U. Minnesota. Dissociation of Memory Systems.
Shannon Moeser, Memorial U. of Newfoundland. Memory with Moderate Alcohol Intoxication.
Janet Metcalfe, U. British Columbia. Metacognition and Problem Solving.

Papers Read By Title:
Harry Bahrick, Ohio Wesleyan U. The Maintenance of Marginal Knowledge.
David Lowe, NYU. Perceptual Organization in Visual Recognition.
Timothy McNamara, Vanderbilt U. Knowledge Representation.
James Townsend, Purdue U. Statistics and Measurement.


John Antrobus, CUNY
Karen Berkley, Florida State U.
James Cutting, Cornell U.
Kay Deaux, Purdue U.
Lee Giles, AFOSR, Washington DC
Don Glazer, UC Berkeley
Sharon Greene, Bell Com, Morristown, NJ
Wendy Hoblitzelle, Peabody College @ Vanderbilt U.
Rich Ivry, U. Oregon
Ed Levine, Princeton U.
Steve Link, McMaster U.
Mike Masson, U. Victoria
Gail McKoon, Northwestern U.
Ann Murdock, U. Toronto
Bennet Murdock, U. Toronto
Tom Nelson, U. Washington
David Presti, U. Oregon
Ken Roberts, Columbia U.
Rich Shiffrin, Indiana U.
John Tangney, AFOSR, Washington, DC
Matthew Turk, Martin-Marietta, Denver
Inger Williams, Pennsylvania State U.