To ensure the success of the School, attendants are expected to have (a) at least an undergraduate degree in psychology or an allied field, including a basic knowledge of standard statistical procedures (e.g., linear regression); and (b) a basic level of ability to use MATLAB or equivalent programming expertise. The surest way to achieve the required level of competence is by attending the first two days of MATLAB instruction on June 24-25. Alternatively, you can work through this tutorial and, for example, The MATLAB 5 Handbook (by Eva Part-Enänder and Anders Sjöberg) or MATLAB for Behavioral Scientists (by David A. Rosenbaum). You could also read this easy introduction, and maybe have a look at this useful cheat sheet.

No advanced knowledge of mathematics or matrix algebra is required.

Thanks to generous sponsorship from The MathWorks™, we are able to provide you with a working version of MATLAB for free for the duration of the summer school.

Participants are encouraged to provide their own pencils and erasers.