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Our Research

What makes humans so much smarter than other animals? At the UCI Cognitive Development Lab, we are interested in the origins of human knowledge. We are particularly interested in the relation between language and thought – in how language enables the brain to develop new conceptual systems. Many of our studies focus on the development of concepts for the positive integers (one, two, three, etc.) and how this process builds on language, as well as on the core systems of number knowledge that humans share with other animals. 

Because we are interested in how learning language changes the brain, we study people who are in the process of learning their first language – children. Most of our studies involve children between about 2 and 4 years old. Studies are conducted in our lab on the UCI campus, or at participating child-care centers in Orange County.

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The UCI Cognitive Development Lab is a department of UCI Cognitive Sciences in the UCI School of Social Sciences.

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